What is harmonizer technology?

Harmonizer technology is a device that protects the body from the impact of electromagnetic waves in everyday life.
In the current context of known technologies emitting electromagnetic waves, harmonizer technology is sufficiently effective to protect humans from the waves to which they may be exposed in everyday life.

Who can use harmonizer technology?

Everyone, young and old. It also works for animals and plants.

How does harmonizer technology work?

The technology used is a manufacturing secret.
The complex process of protecting this technology is the result of 2.0 research (new generation).

How long does harmonizer technology last?

Only high temperatures over 158°F (70°C) and fire destroy harmonizer technology.

What scientific proof is there that harmonizer technology works?

A scientific study was carried out to determine the impact of waves from various electromagnetic wave-emitting devices on the human body - without - and then - with - harmonizer technology.
The study's conclusion was that the harmonizer technology's contact with the body reduced to zero the impact of the waves on the body in just a few moments.